Composite Chemical Peels
Welcome to the world of healthy, glowing, blemish free & young Skin with Composite Chemical peels..............

It is imperative that u understand what is a composite peel.... U have  already heard of chemical peels!!!..............................Composite peels r the more refined n modified versions of chemical peels which have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of treatment without causing any side effects like, burns, pigmentation, peeling of skin, social immobility etc.

Am I a candidate for a Composite peel?
Composite peels can be done both for the treatment & maintainance of various skin ailments like Acne, pigmentation, rosacea, fine lines, poor skin texture, photo-aging, periorbital lines & pigmentation etc:, & if you do not have any specific skin ailment, these can be done as maintenance & rejuvenating therapies to keep looking young & glowing!!!

What is done in a composite peel & how long does it take for a session?
The peel agent is chosen by Dr. Anu depending on the indication & the area to be treated. Dr. Anu paints the affected area with the appropriate agent for a specific period of time.
Thereafter, the skin is wiped & then layered with a post peel neutralizer or agent & finally a sunscreen is applied.All in all it may take 15-30 min for each session depending on the agent chosen for u.

How do I look after the peel?
U look just the same..!!! peels do not work takes couple of hours for a composite peel to start showing any changes & the best can be appreciated after 2-3 days.......there is no visible pee......eling of the Skin!!!!!!!

Any Precautions after peels?
Yes!!!!!!!!!! A lot depends on post procedure-care!!!!!!!!!!
U'll be instructed:

  • Not to wash ur face or the treated area for 10-12 hours.
  • Wear sunscreen whether inside or outside!
  • Not to use any scrub, packs or treatment creams till 3 days after the peels
  • Not to bleach or go in for any other procedure for 1 week
  • Not to indulge in activities that can cause sweating or flushing of the skin (jogging, exercise, steam/sauna etc.) for atleast 3-4 days.

Any side effects?
No,..not at all .Besides a mild sting during the procedure & a slight dryness thereafter, no side effects have been reported with composite peels.

How many sessions and how many days apart?
4-6 sittings ;initially15 days apart & then depending on the need one sitting every 6-10 weeks. For maintenance, 3 monthly sessions are a must. (just 4 sessions a year!!!)
If u still have any doubts, please contact us.We'll be more than happy to clear all your doubts.

Dr. Anu Pal Goel