Is Your skin showing its age?

  • Looks younger than its years / Looks older than I want it to!
  • Looks great some days, but not every day.
  • Where did these Lines come from? I don\'t know!
  • How does skin change with age?
  • What causes lines and wrinkles?
  • What causes age spots and other skin discolorations?
  • What changes should I expect to see and when?
  • What will keep my skin looking better...., longer...?
  • How does everyday living affect my skin\'s aging?

De-aging advice to help every skin look better, longer............

How does skin change with age?

There are basically two kinds of aging that affect skin---chronological aging, which occurs over time, and---- photoaging, which results from sun exposure, and other environmental factors. Dermatologists agree that 90%of all skin aging is caused by sun exposure, including unplanned exposure such as walking to and fro from your car.

As skin ages and hormone levels shift, collagen production and elasticity decrease, causing skin to wrinkle and sag. And while darker skin tones may stay firmer and smoother-looking longer because increased melanin protection, cumulative skin exposure eventually takes its toll on all skins.

Other signs of skin aging:

  • Skin tone becomes blotchy, prone to redness.
  • Skin thins, retains less moisture, looks and feels dry.
  • Cells reproduce more slowly, so damages take longer to heal.
  • Skin becomes a less effective barrier against sun, environmental pollutants, and other irritants.

Many of these changes can be improved, postponed, and even prevented, with a regular skin care system that includes everyday skin protection.

What causes line and wrinkles?
Heredity and sun exposure determine how skin ages. In addition, lifestyle habits such as smoking and poor diet speed up the visible signs of aging. Damage over time and from sun cause collagen and elastin(the underlying support structure that keeps skin smooth)to weaken. Dedication to a good skin care routine will help balance cell turnover, the skin\'s own renewal process, and help it look better, longer.

What causes age spots and other skin discolorations?

Age spots, which are an accumulation of melanin, are caused by years of sun exposure. Other discoloration may also be due to the sun, hormones, certain medications, injuries to the skin, even pregnancy. Continued exposure to sunlight darkens scars and existing skin discolorations-all the more reason for everyday sun protection.

Rosaceae, a skin spoiler, characterized by flushing and blushing ....the tell tale redness and/or bumpiness on cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead ; typically starts to affects individuals in their 30\'s and 40\'s, peaking the 50\'s.

Although the exact cause of Rosaceae is unknown, contributing factors can include sun, heat, wind, stress, alcohol, and spicy foods. Some minimal stage of rosaceae may respond well to topical treatment. If u believe you have rosacea,you got to get in touch with your dermatologist now!!

What  Age changes should I expect to see-and when?

20\'s and 30\'s: The eye area\'s thin delicate skin shows first sign of dryness and aging (fine lines caused by sun damage). Years of sun exposure or the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy may result duller-looking complexion and skin discolorations. Hands start looking older too.

          Special treatment: Use a moisturizing eye treatment product daily. Boost facial and body exfoliation with a grainy scrub, and use a continuous exfoliating produced to keep skin smooth. Fade discoloration with an anti-aging serum. Protect hands and with sunscreen.

40\'s: Skin thins and oil production slows down resulting in surface dryness, fine lines and dark under eye circles. Gravity starts to take its toll in the form of wrinkles andskin starts to sag or lose its lift.

        Special treatment: create a smoother surface with increased exfoliation and moisturization, includind a hydrating eye cream to lift, firm & brighten ; improve facial skin firmness with regular use of a firming/ lift cream or lotion.


50\'s : skin starts to sag more noticeably and show more surface dryness and facial lines.Years of sun exposure or the hormonal changes result in discoloration, skin dullness and loss  of elasticity and radiance.

     Special treatment: Switch to a milder soap,  step up exfoliation, and add de-aging product to help stop the visible sign of aging.

60\'s, 70\'s, and beyond: Mature skin show more surface dryness and many facial lines. Years of sun exposure and hormonal changes results in further discolorations and loss of elasticity and radiance.

      Special treatment: Step up gentle exfoliation to even skin tone, and increase moisturization to hydrate and firm skin.


What will keep my skin looking better, longer?
For great skin at any age, use daily sun protection and ask about a daily Skin Care System from your Dermatologist. In addition, Dr. Anu can answer your questions about skin and aging, and demonstrate products designed to protect skin and prevent future visible sign of aging.

How does everyday living affect my skin\'s aging?

 Exposure to sun and environmental pollution triggers skin-damaging molecules that attack healthy cells and cause skin to lose moisture and elasticity. As skin ages, its natural defense mechanism decreases, so skin is not as well equipped to spend vital energy on self-repair.

Best defense: Ask Dr. Anu about treatment products to help protect skin from future visible signs of aging.


Treatment options


  • Daily skin care regimens
  • Laser therapies-Laser photogenesis
  • CO2 Fractional Laser
  • Composite Peels
  • Botulinum Toxin A
  • Fillers                   


If u still have any doubts, please contact us.We\'ll be more than happy to  clear all your doubts.


Dr. Anu Pal Goel